Blueprint products from a workshop that belongs to Jochovi are based on tradition, but at the same time they adapt to modern times and current customer requirements. It is solely manual work with a particular emphasis on quality.

The family workshop, which has operated for 100 years, works with traditional regional designs and unique motifs designed by the artists of the Center for Folk Art Production (ÚLUV). This guarantees the originality and uniqueness of the Strážnice region blueprint.

About blueprint:

A reserve mass with arbitrary motifs is printed on the white canvas using wooden forms.

The fabric is then dyed in an indigo bath which gives the blueprint a characteristic blue color.

Finally, the dyed fabric is washed in a mild sulfuric acid solution to remove the reserve mass and a bright white pattern, hidden until now, is then revealed.

At the same time, the reserve mass chemically treats the fabric, so the white pattern remains white even if the blueprint is repeatedly washed.