Cyril Hančl

Cyril Hančl's ceramics stand out for their high aesthetic and utility value. The characteristic, minimalist shapes make the carefully selected ceramic materials and glazes stand out and he blends them into their own shades. Each individual piece is created directly on the potter's wheel without the use of templates or forms, and is, therefore, a unique work. He is a graduate of the Secondary School of Stonemasonry and Sculpture in Hořice. He lives in Prague-Písnice, where he creates ceramics and sculptures made of stone or metal in his studio. Technically it is stoneware, which means ceramics fired in a ceramic kiln at high temperatures, 1200-1250 ° C, which can be used without any problems in the modern kitchen - it can be washed in a dishwasher, used in a microwave oven and in a normal oven. It is only necessary to pay attention to sudden changes in temperature (from the fridge straight into the oven/basting using cold water). He uses only harmless, unleaded glazes and the ceramics have been tested for health safety regarding contact with food.