GLASSOR is a Czech family company specializing in the design and manufacture of mouth-blown and hand-painted glass Christmas ornaments. Attention to detail, patience and the precious know-how of the blowers and painters are essential to the creation of these unique ornaments. 

The tradition of glassware in the Czech Republic dates back to the 13th century. High-quality Czech glass is known worldwide under the name of "Bohemian glass." These traditional techniques applied to the creation of Christmas ornaments started in the mid-19th century. The region of Bohemia, where GLASSOR is headquartered, then became the centre of production of Christmas ornaments.

Glass and glassware are an inseparable part of the Czech culture. This tradition has been handed down for generations and GLASSOR, a family firm, cherishes this heritage. Its mission is to continue this ancestral artisanal production of premium quality hand-painted glass Christmas decorations. These unique products are truly heirlooms, which will be adored for generations to come.