Jitka has been working for about 7 years in a field called Lampwork. Her husband led her to this wonderful job. He found a video on the net that interested him. And he persuaded her to also have a look at the video and thought it was exactly the right job for her. She had a look and refused. Beads?! Who would be interested? However, her husband did not give up and showed her more and more, until Jitka began to be interested in this work. She bought the necessary material, went to bed at 3 am, trained her patience and hand strength, swore and rejoiced, and today it is her full-time job. Lampwork beads are produced by melting glass at high temperatures, with an oxygen-enriched flame temperature of up to 1600 °. They are made of so-called glass lamp bars of various colors and manufacturers. It is possible to incorporate gold, silver, copper, diachronic glass, zirconia, etc. into the beads.