The little story

Lenka Vávrová stands behind The little story brand. She is a little dreamer who creates her little stories, a world full of bears and foxes and other forest creatures. She studied modeling, footwear design and fashion accessories at the School of Applied Arts in Uherské Hradiště. At school she learned to sew and make shoes, handbags and accessories. During her studies, she started to be creative at home, and has remained so till today.

She does not devote her time to shoes anymore, but the sewing of handbags and bags absorbs her. The little story brand was created about 5 years ago.

She sews from canvas, a material that she likes because of its natural look and features. She paints motifs by hand using ironing paint on textiles, so there are no copies and each piece is an original in its own way.

Each case features a high-quality metal zipper, cotton lining and a label tag.

Maintenance: recommended to wash gently at 30 ° C, iron over a fabric.